‘NCIS’ season 14, episode 2 review: Is McGee ready to marry? Team investigates Quantico reunion murder

This week on “NCIS” the team was busy deciphering who killed a former classmate at a Quantico reunion on Tuesday night. The shock of a dead man along with a bomb in the gym could of had the team pointing fingers at all suspects as they deciphered the clues, but there was more. It wasn’t just a killing, but an introduction to a well-known theft ring which recently lifted a million-dollar painting.

Looking to find out exactly who killed the classmate known for his time in detention, Bruno wasn’t killed by force or even the bomb. Instead, someone took him out with a laced nicotine patch. His death would have probably gone unsolved until Bishop and McGee stumbled upon a treasure chest of items stolen from homes all over the area. Getting permission from his fairly forgetful landlord (who was also his substitute teacher) to go into the dead man’s home, the agents unearthed items worth thousands of dollars waiting to be fenced. Gibbs’ team recognizes that there is an actual theft ring that included classmates who made a pledge 15 years prior in detention.

McGee and Agent Quinn cased the home of the thief to catch one of the masterminds, but the fans might be more excited about Agent McGee revealing his intentions for the future. Needled by Quinn, he admits he is waiting for the right time to propose to his girlfriend. And it sounds like wedding bells for “NCIS” are in the very near future.

The big break in the case came when Abby revealed that the DNA from an earring the dead man was wearing came from one of the suspects. Agent Torres along with Agent Gibbs broke down one of the suspects to find out the whole story. Unfortunately, even though the killer was found, there was still a matter of a million-dollar painting. Where was it?

Agent Gibbs figured out the forgetful landlord was the smartest thief of them all as she was keeping tabs on her tenant the entire time. Able to see without glasses and walk without a cane, she was trying to take off with the painting when Agent Gibbs arrived to arrest her.

Blending into the cast quite well, new characters NCIS Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres and NCIS Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn already know their way around the squad room. Engaging with the original cast, fans got to see how the new agents are adapting to their new jobs. In fact, in the final scenes of the show when Agent Torres offered a taste of his choice music, even his coworkers couldn’t help themselves by dancing in front of Agent Gibbs. It was quite funny!

We were pleased to watch “NCIS” this week. Once again Agent Gibbs and his team are solving fascinating crimes in prime time. Episode grade: A-

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