‘Big Brother: Over the Top’ cast spotlight: Meet ‘OTT’ houseguest Scott Dennis

Scott -Every season on “Big Brother,” we have at least one person who definitely falls into the “superfan” archetype. We’ve come to hate the word in many ways because so many people misuse the term. For us, this is someone who has obsessed over the show for at least five years’ time, who watches live feeds, and has a firm understanding of the game backwards and forwards. Remember when Clay called himself a superfan before entering season 17? We refuse to accept this.

Now, Scott Dennis probably does fall into this role. The dude references “Big Brother 9” in his bio! This is the season almost everyone wants to forget. If you actually sat through “Big Brother 9,” you have earned the label and probably a free pizza somewhere. We do think there is a difference between knowing this game and playing it, and that’s what we want to try and analyze further below.

Bio – Scott is a 24-year old debt collector (by far one of the jobs we’d least want to have — too depressing) from Bangor, Maine. He was a part of a award-winning chess team in high school, he’s wanted to be on the show for ages, and he’s a virgin. We normally wouldn’t jot that down, but he felt it important to include in his bio.

Also, the guy looks like he could be related to our podcast co-host and former “Beauty and the Geek” co-star Jason Prager.

Jason -

Strengths – We love his strategy of getting with two different two-person alliances, and then getting down to the final five with them. This is actually the spot James found himself in last season, and if Paul had made a different decision, he probably would have went to the end! It’s a great idea, but it’s funny that this is the one thing Da’Vonne absolutely didn’t want to do this past season, as well.

We know Scott loves strategy, and we know that he’s very intelligent. He mentions that his job makes him better at confrontation than people would assume upon first glance, and that could prove valuable.

Weaknesses – Scott’s not going to be able to avoid the superfan label this season just because of his appearance in relation to guys like Steve Moses and Ian Terry, and we worry for him as a result of that. Remember, these players didn’t see the end of season 18, so Steve is the most-recent winner in their mind. We don’t know how much power (if any) the players will have this season, but if they do have some, he’s an easy target. That is especially true if Jason Roy enters the house, given that he may not want someone else in the game who is as aware of everything as he is.

Prediction – We’d like to see Scott make it far just because we’d prefer to see any fan make it far over someone who doesn’t really care about the show. If the fans are picking who stays, he probably will. Otherwise, he could be in danger far earlier than we’d want.

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