‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 8, episode 2 review: Syrian mission goes awry; Hetty takes the fall

The second part of the “NCIS: Los Angeles” season premiere has fans on the edge of their seats on Sunday night. Not only did the team take a huge risk by avoiding Under Secretary of Defense Corbin Duggan as he investigated the unit for a mole, they boarded a plane for Syria to find Ahmed Han Asakeem who was being sought for transporting radioactive saline. This mixture was found in a shipping container on the way to Syria for what could have been used for a dirty bomb. Only 40 minutes after the plane carrying Blye, Deeks, Callen and Hanna left LAX, the Under Secretary found out their plan and he really wasn’t a happy camper.

Using technology and tracing the phone to a location in Syria, the team was able to capture Ahmed Han Asakeem and they loaded him up on a helicopter to return to the aircraft carrier. In one of the best scenes so far of the series, the helicopter is hit by a rebel’s rocket and ends up making a crash landing. This particular sequence was so dramatic that “NCIS” fans had to have felt a pit in their stomach as they watched the scraps of metal slamming to the ground.

This tragedy wasn’t without injury. Special Agent Kensi Blye is trapped under a portion of the helicopter and severely injured. Blye can’t move herself, so with the help of the team they are able to lean the helicopter body by pulling it to one side. Even with their best efforts, the situation is dire as help is minutes away because of rebel fire. Blye loses consciousness and a decision is made, as her injury is so severe she could die without immediate medical attention. With the rebels closing in, the team decides to make a run for the hills with Kensi on a stretcher. Also finding that Ahmed Han Asakeem has taken off after the crash, they split up to find him. Agent Callen finds the criminal, but his gunfire tips off the rebel fighters and the team is trapped.

Back in Los Angeles, Henrietta “Hetty” Lange has a terrible feeling about the team and asks Eric Beale and Nell Jones for help. Even though both tech gurus are currently under the watchful eye of the Under Secretary, they risk it all by sneaking back into Ops to look for their team. Assistant Director Owen Granger steps in when the team is spotted on satellite images half way around the world and trapped. He makes a tough call. He decides that a drone strike targeting the rebels (and using the Under Secretary’s authorization) is the only way to save the team.

Once away on the ship, Blye’s condition appears to need medical attention stateside. Back home, Secretary Duggan is alerted his clearance has been used for a drone strike. As the team slips out of Ops without being seen, it is Hetty who decides to stay behind. Alerting the team she was making her move, she offers her resignation to the Under Secretary of Defense Corbin Duggan when he comes storming in. Of course, dramatic as he is about the situation, he has her handcuffed and arrested.

The second part of the “NCIS: Los Angeles” definitely built up some expectations for the season. Action packed and intense, fans can’t help but to cheer for the NCIS team. This season is set to be fast paced and fun to watch! Episode grade: A.

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