‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 7, episode 4 review: Did Steve, Alicia take down the Chess Piece Killer?

Hawaii Five 0Last time on “Hawaii Five-0” Steve and Alicia made a few steps towards finding out who the chess piece killer is. We last saw them in the offices of one Madison Gray (a police shrink) who also happened to have a book on her shelf all about medieval chess. Could she be the killer?

Tonight’s episode threw us right into the action with Alicia being dragged across the floor, tied up and bleeding with Steve also being held captive. They did bring us through the steps into how they went from a conversation with Madison to being held captive at her house. Steve asked Madison for all of the notes on the police officer that was said to have killed himself (but was really murdered) and she says she will get them over to him in the morning. Alicia wants to go after Madison right away saying that the longer they wait the more people she will hurt, but Steve wants to gather more evidence.

Alicia ignores Steve and breaks into Madison’s house finding files on the murdered police officers as well as a medieval chess set with 7 pieces missing (and now the king and queen are missing too). Steve heads to Madison’s house and Alicia is no where to be found. When he turns his back for a moment, Madison sneaks up and stabs him in the back (she has also stabbed Alicia). Now both of them are being held captive in Madison’s apartment. Steve tries to get her to talk, but she’s not budging, so Alicia tries her hand at it – no luck there either.

Madison reveals that she knows about Alicia’s daughter who was following in her footsteps, but she ended up dying at the hands of a serial killer. Not only that, but we learn that Madison is handing Steve and Alicia over to two of FBI’s most wanted killers to have their way with them. Chin and Kono get a lead on Madison, but when they get to her house, Steve and Alicia are already in the back of the killer’s van. While Steve tries to tell these killers that once they kill them that Madison is going to end their lives as she has with all the other serial killers that have been doing her bidding for her, but these killers say that this is personal against Alicia as she was responsible for having them arrested. The killers bind their hands and dump them both into an underwater cavern to die. Steve is able to free them, but with the cavern filling up quickly they don’t have much time. He eventually finds a way out for them and Kono and Chin show up just in time to take out the killers – Madison Grey is in the wind (well actually she’s in Beverly Hills and has reinvented herself).

Some other tidbits: We saw Chin and Sarah spending time together while paddle boarding and of course our hearts are breaking knowing they won’t stay together much longer, however Chin gets some information about the aunt and uncle that makes him take pause – they might be involved with the drug trade, so he digs deeper. Also, Adam’s getting out early and coming home in a few days after helping the police round up the escaped prisoners!

With this being such a traumatic experience for both Alicia and Steve together, we wonder if this could be something that bonds these two together in a romantic way. We have had murmurs of there being a love interest for Steve this season and seeing these two in an underwater cavern in each others arms has made us root for this even more. Normally we have a lot of action packed into a “Hawaii Five-0” episode, but tonight’s was a lot more psychological and we really loved the change of pace. Episode grade: A

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