‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 7, episode 3 review: Chess piece killer targets Alicia, Kanya Sesser guest stars

Hawaii Five 0Last time on “Hawaii Five-0” we saw a new behavioral therapist named Alicia come out of retirement to help Steve and Danny find the chess piece killer, but is she going to end up being something more to Steve? There have been murmurs of Steve getting a love interest this season, and while we hope that this is true, we want to see it be more of a slow burn then anything hot and heavy too quickly. We also don’t want to see it affect the partnership with Danny since our favorite thing to watch on this show are these two bickering.

The chess piece killer is at it again and this time the they have targeted Alicia. She’s not dead (thankfully), but she woke up in her bed with a dead body beside her and a chess piece in his mouth. She wanted to be retired and didn’t want to be involved for exactly this reason, but after Steve came to her for help, he inadvertently put a target on her back. She may be a private citizen working on this case, but she’s crafty and is bending the rules to find out information – hearing that the forged a few documents with Steve’s name to get a body exhumed was pretty rad. They get a lead on the killer and her name is Madison Grey. After seeing a book on her office shelf on medieval chess, she’s definitely someone to watch.

Chin tells Kono that he had his talk with Sarah about going to live with her aunt and uncle, and he feels terrible that her heart is broken… and we can see that his heart is broken too, even if he won’t admit it. Kono asks if Chin thought about fighting it, but he doesn’t want to put her through a battle. Also, this aunt and uncle are great “on paper” people as they are lawyers, church goers, and involved in the community. Sarah will have it all with them – everything but Chin.

We also had a guest appearance from Kanya Sesser who is a model, surfer and Instagram star who was born without legs. One thing that isn’t really on her resume is actress, so we were curious to see how she was going to do. She had a really difficult role, playing a homeless war veteran, but she gave a great performance and we hope to see her on the show again in the future. We weren’t crazy about the case of the week, but the rest of the episode was solid. Also, Kono jumping out of that duffel bag and taking out a group of baddies was easily a highlight for us. Episode grade: B-

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