‘Ink Master’ exclusive: Sirvone Smith on elimination, team twist and alliances

When the “Ink Master” judges called Sirvone Smith’s name as the eliminated artist this week we have to admit that we were a little surprised by that decision. He has has been a solid artist through out the competition and has produced some of our favorite tattoos. So to say that we were disappointed to see Sirvone go home is a bit of an understatement.

We recently had a chance to talk to Sirvone about his time on the show and he spoke to us about the team twist, his elimination and if we could actually see our first female winner this season.

CarterMatt: How did you feel when the judges called your name to go home?

Sirvone Smith: I felt like I was one of the guys who went home too early. The most challenging contest had already been done.

Was there a style of tattooing you wanted to show, but never got the chance?

I would’ve really loved to have been able to show off my dot work technique.

If you had a chance to get back in the competition is there anything you would do differently?

I would remain a lot calmer in the pressure cooker and play the game for what it is.

What do you think of the team twist, and do you think you could’ve gone further if it wasn’t in play?

Absolutely sure that without having the team twist I would have gone farther. I came to beat everyone and win $100,000, not share it.

With the women’s alliance dominating, do you think we might see our first female winner this season?

With or without the alliance, the chance of having a female winner is very likely. There are some really great women tattooers.

If clients want to book you for a tattoo, what’s the best way for them to get in contact?

If clients would like to reach me I use: Instagram – @sirvonetattoos, Facebook – Sirvone Smith, Gmail – [email protected], and Tumblr – ssmithtattoos.tumblr.com


A big thanks to Sirvone for talking with us about his experience on “Ink Master”, it was a shame to see him go and maybe we will get to see him come back in the future.

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