‘MasterChef’ exclusive: Brandi Mudd reflects on show experience, looks ahead

Brandi -

Last week brought us to the end of “MasterChef” season 7, and for all of the Brandi Mudd fans out there, we know that there was some sadness at the sight of her not winning. Yet, at the same time, consider the achievements: She won a ton of challenges, brought attention to her home state of Kentucky, and inspired many people along the way. She had a great run! Just think about how many hurdles she jumped past to make it there, including the process of even getting on the show in the first place.

We spoke with Brandi via email following the finale about her overall experience this season; you can check out some of her responses below.

CarterMatt – First off, how are things going? Was it exciting to watch the finale back, or tough because you knew you were so close to winning?

Brandi Mudd – The finale was bittersweet. I was proud of myself for getting so far, but it was definitely tough watching it. It was like reliving a failure all over again.

Your small town and your stories about it were very endearing to watch all season. What’s been the experience like of watching the show back with many of the people there?

The people in my community were very proud of my performance. They felt as if I did Kentucky proud, and were happy about the way I handled myself in extreme stress. It was a little strange seeing and hearing myself on TV. My accent sounds so exaggerated on TV; however, this is really how I sound!

Do you find yourself second-guessing anything about the final challenge? Are you satisfied with the result?

I don’t second guess anything I did on the show. It all made me a better person, and a better chef. I have no regrets about any of my time on MasterChef.

In what way do you think the show challenged you the most?

The show challenged me in many ways. The most challenging aspect of the show was the timing. You are under so much stress, that the clock ticking just makes everything seem so much more intense!

So what are your immediate plans now? Do you have a goal in mind for what you want to do next with food?

My plan for the future is still indecisive as of now. I know I eventually want to venture over to the culinary field. I’m trying out some different things now, like catering, and really just weighing out my options before I invest myself into anything permanent. MasterChef has taught me that my culinary possibilities are endless.

Did the show change the way you think about your cooking at all?

MasterChef definitely altered my cooking style. I learned so many new techniques during my time there and was inspired in so many ways. I definitely plan on sticking to my roots, but adding in all of the knowledge I gained.

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