‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 2, episode 13 review: Connecting paths

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We have to be honest: For the first thirty or so minutes of “Fear the Walking Dead,” we were dealing with frustrations aplenty, whether it be spending a ton of time with characters we really could care less about.

In general, it’s a little frustrating to be spending so much time on a drug trade-themed story when in the end, this is a zombie show. This also does have us wondering whether or not we’re spending too much time trying to make this show different from the flagship when it could use a few more similarities here and there.

Where things started to get a little more interesting is when Madison started to get a sense in the process of seeing the various players talk that Nick could be with Luciana. Therefore, she wanted to do anything to get him back — and that included putting her own life in danger. When she lit up the sign to get potentially his attention, she ran the risk of getting a lot of unwelcome guests. The good news, it does seem as though she may have gotten the attention of Travis out there.

Elsewhere, Ofelia seemed to embark on a mission to get back to Santa Fe, in order to see Will, whose proposal she had not accepted some time ago. Do we care? Mildly, mostly because there is some construction to this story — and that’s more than we can say about some other romances.

Strand’s stabbing is the moment tonight that gave us the biggest jolt — but he’s still alive! The fact that all of the major players are still around (at least for the second half), plus also the final 30 minutes, help to make up for the first half. Grade: B.

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