‘Poldark’ season 2, episode 3 review: Cheer the walking dead

Poldark -

The third season of “Poldark” brought us what we’d consider to be at least a minor victory on last week’s episode, as we had an opportunity to see Ross released following his trial.

Of course, you didn’t think that this would make tonight a stroll through the sweeping Cornwall hills? You had to know better! Life does not immediately get better for a man just because he is no in prison, as he had to face the reality that his bank account was dry. Therefore, he and Demelza had to figure out ways to sell many of their possessions just so that they could find a way to stay afloat. It wasn’t quite easy, but the two parties did figure it out.

Now comes the sad news: The death of Jud, and the suspicion surrounding precisely what happened. At present, the prevailing theory has to be that this was set up by George after he did not go along with a plan. Just in case that wasn’t bad enough, there was a case of body-snatching that happened later. Maybe this became a crossover with “The Walking Dead,” or maybe this was something else entirely. He was actually still alive. (There weren’t quite answers on all of this tonight.)

Well, here is some good news: Ross and Francis, who was decidedly in a better mood tonight and not locking himself in rooms, started to move on into a slightly better place. They had some nice moments in here. Granted, Ross was not thrilled later to discover the money Francis had set aside from George, just like George would not be thrilled with the time Ross spent with Elizabeth after said revelation.

Ultimately, we depart this episode with Demelza finally revealing to Ross the truth of her pregnancy (he reacted a little better than she could have predicted in advance), and in general the two had many matters still to discuss and deal with. The financial situation is not completely constructed, and the heartbreak repaired. Her monologue about the two being in “their first days of love” was particularly heartbreaking, and wonderfully played by Eleanor Tomlinson. The same goes for Aidan Turner during his “a child is flesh and blood” reading.

Overall, tonight had a walking corpse, moments of romance, and hope for Ross’ financial recovery. It was sad at times, and happy at others. If this is not “Poldark” in a nutshell, what is? Grade: B+.

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