‘Vice Principals’ finale spoilers: How far will Neal Gamby, Lee Russell go?

The end of “Vice Principals” season 1 is coming to HBO on Sunday night, and according to everything that we have seen in preparation for this big event, one thing feels pretty much assured: There is going to be insanity, and plenty of it, when we have a chance to see this series come to a close for the year.

The primary order of business during the finale appears to be rater simple: Trying to find a way to learn one way or another if the career of Dr. Belinda Brown is over. At present, we know that Lee Russell has all the ammunition he could ever hope for courtesy of that recording he got of her from this past episode. This, plus all of the testimony of the drunken escapade that they could scrounge up, would be enough to completely decimate Dr. Brown of her career once and for all … should of course the pair opt to go in this particular direction.

We know that they are going to be paying a visit to the Board of Education in this season finale, but the question we find ourselves wondering is a rather simple one: Does Neal really have it in him to go through with this? We know that he is a jerk and a jealous heel who constantly wants more, but at the same time, we know that he is not a terrible human being. He has a heart, and he has shown that with Amanda Snodgrass more than anyone. There’s probably  apart of him as a person who likes Dr. Brown, and there seemed to be a moment somewhere in the midst of everything in the last episode where he may have wanted to take a step back.

In the end, we’ll see precisely what the future holds on “Vice Principals,” but we’re excited to see what this episode brings — and probably laugh along the way, as well.

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