‘American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare’ video: Episode 2 and beyond

AHS -We are now starting to have a little bit of time in order to digest “American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare,” a show that is finally lifting a little bit of the veil. The premiere last night was polarizing to some, given the whole show-within-a-show concept and also an hour of TV that was more slowly-paced.

For us, we actually preferred it vastly to some of the other recent stuff we’ve seen on the show, and for a few different reasons. For one, we didn’t have to watch 90 minutes to understand the beginnings of the story, and we also didn’t have to meet a billion or so characters all at once. The series is taking its time, and that’s something we appreciate after going so high-stakes.

Also, it does seem like there is a lot still to explore here with the whole Roanoke conceit. This is not the first time that the franchise has referenced the mysterious colony, whose people were infamously wiped off the map centuries ago. There’s certainly an air of intrigue here as we start to piece together what the connection could be here between this and some other potential seasons of the show that are coming up.

One thing that does especially stand out about this video is that you have an opportunity to get a long look in here at Kathy Bates, who seems to be playing one of the extremely-creepy characters involved in the new, mysterious place that Sarah Paulson’s character finds herself. It may be a little early to know if the show has found its groove again, but we definitely like what we’re seeing so far.

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