‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 2, episode 11 review: Life goes on

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The second season of “Fear the Walking Dead” remains still an up-and-down battle, mostly because there are some characters who have done some exciting things, and then also others who remain somewhat-frustrating.

When it comes Luciana in particular, we’re still torn. Her relationship with Nick makes sense, mostly because the two of them are broken people who have both experienced their fair share of hell, torment, and loss. Maybe she is someone who provides the emotional comfort necessarily for him to battle his demons. Yet, there’s something missing, and it may come via the time necessary to cultivate this relationship. Look at what we had with Rick and Michonne on “The Walking Dead” proper. The reason that this relationship works is because we had seasons of development. Here, it’s more about a matter of episodes. Maybe, in part, we just don’t have the same emotional empathy for Nick that we do for other people such as Strand.

Ultimately, we will saw that we did enjoy seeing Nick work with his mastery helping Alejandro in a certain drug trade. Maybe post-apocalyptic pharmacist is a career that he should considering looking to the future.

Most of the strongest content tonight actually came over with Strand, Madison, and Alicia at the hotel, as Strand in particular worked to forget an emotional bond with the groom of a woman who had already been infected, and he had to tap into some of his own experience with Thomas to help him take the next step. Sure, the whole “lure the walkers out of the hotel” plan didn’t quite work, but did you really expect for it to? We already know that this show can do great special effects, sow hen they’re able to deliver something a little more personal, we find ourselves being a little more satisfied. Episode Grade: B.

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