‘The X Factor’ UK review: Anelisa Lamola, Olivia Garcia, Ivy Grace Paredes perform in audition show #6

X Factor -Ready for more “X Factor” auditions? Last night on ITV, we were introduced to one of the most ridiculous songs ever in “Friday Night.” It was going to be pretty darn hard to top that, but given that the show started with a lengthy introduction about Simon Cowell struggling to contain himself after hearing Faye Horne’s name, we got a good sense that things were going to be almost as ridiculous.

Now, let’s get to reviewing the rest of this episode … LIVE!

Faye Horne – We do think that she is a little too theatrical for this show, and unfortunately, we’ll remember her more for Simon laughing than anything else.

The Brooks – We’ve certainly heard a lot about their development as a duo in the press over the past couple of months, and we do think that they are much improved from where they were when we last saw them. Now that we’ve said that, they do need to figure out still precisely what sort of sound they want to have.

Antonia Mirat – She is a very good opera singer, but her biggest problem is that she seems to lack any self-awareness at all as to how to bridge the gap between opera and pop. Rather than trying to adapt her voice for the genre, she’s trying to force pop music into opera.

Ivy Grace Paredes – It’s rather amazing how many singers from the Philippines we see on this and other singing shows — and how great almost all of them are. Ivy Grace has a tremendous voice, and we wonder if she could develop a loyal following a la 4th Impact all around the world.

Jamuna – She’s completely nuts, and this was certainly a nuts audition.

Aeron Smith – We’re not sure that “Heaven” is the right song choice for 2016, but we do think that there’s some talent there. He just needs to work on honing it and trying to relax it.

Olivia Garcia – The comparisons to Louisa Johnson are going to be there. What we wonder is why in the world the judges are questioning the song choice here when she was clearly very good. Also, didn’t Louisa do super-serious songs all of last season?

Anelisa Lamola – She’s back! After a long layoff she came back, and proved herself to be more than worthy of this competition. TREMENDOUS audition, and this is the sort of thing that has us very excited for what her future could hold if she can make it far this season.

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