‘The Amazing Race Canada 4’ episode 10 review: Who are the final three teams?

Cast -The end of “The Amazing Race Canada” season 4 is right around the corner, and we have to say that if your goal this season was to see the most competitive final leg possible, this season has totally delivered.

When you look at all of the teams left, you can certainly make a case that all of them would be worthy winners. They’ve all won before, and they’ve each done things here and there that make us think that they could find their way to the finish line first. We do want to start by focusing here on Joel & Ashley, mostly because they showed exactly the value of staying honest for most of the season: It gives you some leeway that you can lie at some point down the road and have it be believable for most of the people you are around.

In lying to Frankie & Amy about what they needed to do at the final scent-based Roadblock challenge, Ashley made a move to ensure that they would not be in last in the event that her father struggled. While we’re not sure it ultimately made a huge difference, that’s the thing that you gotta set yourself up for. Sure, in theory it’d be better to have Frankie & Amy in the finale than Jillian & Emmett, but you have to get there before you can worry about the competition.

Also, it was nice to see that this season’s racers are focused more on winning than whether or not they come across like goody two-shoes to people watching at home. We’ve seen all of the final teams be deceitful as a means to an end.

We anticipated coming on here and ranting extensively about the Face-Off tonight had it caused a team to be eliminated just because they weren’t good at golf, but that didn’t happen. The reality here is that Frankie & Amy just had a rough leg from start to finish, and struggled at almost every task along the way. It would’ve taken a catastrophic meltdown for another team for them to make it there, and they have a lot to be proud of in getting so far. Also, they were super-entertaining so not having them in the finale is a bummer.

Before we conclude, congratulations to Steph & Kristen on winning their fourth leg! They did this one despite losing to Joel & Ashley at the Face-Off, and we do think entering the finale that they are the best-equipped to win this season. They handle adversity fairly well, and at the same time also are strong enough to overcome any challenge alone the way. This episode proved to be an entertaining one, and while the end was somewhat predictable, at least the path to get there was interesting. Grade: B+.

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