Crime Dynamic Duos: ‘Bones’ (Booth / Brennan) vs. ‘Blue Bloods’ (Danny / Baez)

As we dive further and further into our Crime Dynamic Duos series, we’re getting a chance to explore a wide array of pairings — and in our latest showdown today, we’ve got another great example of that with “Bones” in one corner and then “Blue Bloods” in another. These shows feature two pairs featured today who are extremely different from one another, but simultaneously come together for the same purpose of taking out the bad guys.

The winner of this particular heat will advance to the next round on September 12. Until then, voting is open and can be done at your heart’s content!

Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth, “Bones” – One of the best of their kind: A crime-solving duo that started as will-they-or-won’t-they, and is getting a chance now to end their series as a married couple with children still working to do what they do best. They’re easy to root for as a love story and two quirky people who found each other despite the odds, but we also don’t want to diminish their effectiveness as a partnership. Brennan often collects much of the information, offers up the theories, and then Booth works to implement them. That changes frequently, but their dynamic and work rapport is the basic structure for why this show works so well.

Danny Reagan and Maria Baez, “Blue Bloods” – On the flip side, here is a pair that is much more by-the-book in terms of how they work together, given that they are both New York cops (there’s not a lot of leeway these days in that profession) and that they also have a knack for getting the job done. In this case, though, they are co-workers only and don’t have any romantic aspirations. What makes them compelling stems from their differences. With Danny, you have the son of a commissioner, and someone who has a chip on his shoulder as a result of that; meanwhile, Baez has fought tooth and nail through a tough past and through the ranks on the force to get where she is. Their respective point of views make them far stronger together than they’d ever been individually.

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