‘America’s Got Talent’ rankings: Where Calysta Bevier, the Clairvoyants, Steven Brundage, Sofie Dossi stand

AGT -Tonight marks the final “America’s Got Talent” semifinals show, and from our vantage point this should be an interesting one. We said entering last week that Grace VanderWaal, Laura Bretan, and Tape Face were all extremely likely to make it to the next round, and while the road was a little more difficult than we expected for two of them, they all made it there.

For tonight’s show, we’d argue that things could be even more unpredictable. There are a couple of acts we’d assume have a good shot of getting through, but with so much similar competition on the board it’s feasible that there are a few stunners where deserving people are left out. As always, we based our rankings on a combination of performance quality, screen time to date, voting results this season, and also how similar acts have fared in the past.

11. The Passing Zone – They were already eliminated in the quarterfinals, and while we do think they will step it up slightly and show more juggling skill, it won’t be enough given the talent already on the field.

10. Kadan Bart Rockett – We give the kid and his sister a ton of credit for getting this far and doing it on the basis of ability, and not just being a cute kid with inferior talent to some competitors. We just think that at this point, he’s up against two extremely talented acts in similar categories that are going to make it tough for him to find a spot.

9. Jayna Brown – She’s amazing, but she is mostly victim to being on a night with too many singers on it. Some are inevitably going to get a little bit lost in the shuffle.

8. Linkin’ Bridge – Maybe they can be like Sal Valentinetti and go from needing the Dunkin’ Save to getting straight through to the next round without any help. It’s just hard to bank on that; as much as we like them, recent history dictates that they could find themselves in some trouble.

7. Kadie Lynn Roberson – She’s definitely one of the interesting wild cards entering tonight’s show. Personally, we prefer a couple of the acts we’ve already discussed in this article, but you cannot deny the monster block known as the country vote. If she picks the right song and other singers split the votes, it’s certainly feasible she finds her way into the finale.

6. Sofie Dossi – This is where things got truly difficult for us, since the #6 and #5 acts are almost even due to a few different factors. Sofie has impressed us in ways that few other acts have this season, but after seeing the bow-and-arrow stunt a few times, now comes her challenge of finding something new and equally impressive.

5. Viktor Kee – Meanwhile, Viktor is an incredibly juggler and visual entertainer whose biggest challenge is going to be having another juggling act potentially taking some of his votes. We hope that, for the sake of variety, either he or Sofie do make it through to the next round.

4. Steven Brundage – There’s something about Steven’s act that has this odd-but-quirky charm to it. He makes magic out of the smallest things, and we think him being an early underdog mobilized his audience in a way that we haven’t quite seen for anyone else.

3. Brian Justin Crum – We do think that being the only solo male vocalist tonight will help Brian out, especially since he has the history of picking good songs. Also, just look at how many male singers have won this show for potential evidence of how well he will fare.

2. The Clairvoyants – While this act technically has similarities to Steven or Kadan’s, their mentalist abilities separate them somewhat from the field. They’re sleek, super-professional, incredibly entertaining, and they allow you to suspend belief somewhat in a very cynical world. It’s hard to imagine a finale without them.

1. Calysta Bevier – She’s Simon Cowell’s golden-buzzer act, she’s got rave reviews, and she’s got a pretty large social-media support based on her side. Even if for some crazy reason she needed a save in order to move on, we cannot fathom a situation in which she’d be eliminated. She’s the closest thing to a lock we have with this field.

Who do you think is in the best spot of this group? Vote in the comments, and head over here to get some other “AGT” news, including our recent winner rankings! We’ll be back tonight with another live review.

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