Crime Dynamic Duos: ‘The Blacklist’ (Liz / Red) vs. ‘Major Crimes’ (Sharon / Andy)

The Blacklist logo any seasonAt times, we know that the question has been asked: Is there too much TV on the air? There is no doubt that there are far too many shows out there for a single person to watch; trust us when we say that we’ve tried!

While at times all of this competition can create problems, at the same time there are benefits. In the crime TV genre in particular, one of the significant benefits of the competition is that you get a wide array of different dynamics and relationships to explore. In this particular entry of our Crime Dynamic Duos series, we’ve got a perfect expression of that. We’ll explore that further below, and be sure to vote for your favorite pair at the bottom of this article! The winners will advance to the next round of our tournament, which begins starting on September 12.

Liz Keen and Raymond Reddington (“The Blacklist”) – The entire basis of their relations is structured on mystery, and we know that many fans have seen something different in them. Some people see a blood relation, others see a mastermind trying to pull strings, and we know that there are some who want to view the relationship more romantically. Since the show hasn’t given us a clear answer, all interpretations are still valid and it is up to the viewer to decide. What matters most within the scope of this article and our polling series is that these two are definitely dynamic. While they may be effective at stopping very-bad people on their own, they are better when they combine their skills to form one of the most unconventional duo acts in all of primetime TV.

Sharon Raydor and Andy Flynn (“Major Crimes”) – You can view the relationship between these two as a little bit more traditional, but there is still something about the pacing of it that feels warm and relatable. They are a case of two longtime friends and colleagues eventually becoming more than that, while still working together to do what they do best in protect the people of Los Angeles. While they do have this romantic bond now, it doesn’t get in the way of their careers and in that sense, it smashes that stupid stereotype that feelings sometimes get in the way of the job. For those who have followed this relationship for a long time, the current state of things feels extremely rewarding.

Now, we turn this debate over to you!

Photo: NBC

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