‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ spotlight: Will Hannah Shapiro’s humor make her a fan favorite?

Hannah -

To us, there’s no question that Hannah Shapiro is one of the funnier contestants on “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” based on the video below and the bio information that we’ve seen. She has a very specific point of view, she understands that the show is entertainment, and she knows that she’s there as the sometimes-awkward superfan who can provide great commentary. She legitimately wants to play the game because she loves it, and that is the sort of person who is really easy to root for.

She’s got a good chance of coming back for a second season based on personality alone if she makes it far enough, but will she? That’s something we want to try and figure out below.

Tribe – Vanua (Millennial Tribe)

Bio – He’s a 24-year old barista / writer originally from the Boston area, but whose residence is listed on CBS as West Hollywood. Her personal claim to fame is playing Ben Franklin in a school play … so, pretty rad.

Positive attributes – From a strategic standpoint, there’s a lot of value in having someone around who knows the show. They can help predict twists, show you optimal strategies, and basically help you to not look stupid on TV. Given that there are probably some pretty-vain people out there on “Survivor,” Hannah could be an asset to them. We also think that, in the right crowd, her sense of humor will be really appreciated and she will help provide some entertainment since so much of the game is trying to cure yourself of boredom.

Potential negatives – Is this that particular “right crowd”? We’re not quite sure, since she probably doesn’t have that much in common with some of the “bros” on this tribe or some of the more-athletic women. She doesn’t have much experience in the outdoors at all, and given that she proclaims herself to be fairly clumsy, we’re not sure how she will do in some of the challenges. While many superfans have overcome some obvious pre-game obstacles before, on paper there are always quite a few awaiting them.

“Survivor” comparisons – We know that Aubry last season proclaimed herself to be the “love child of Cochran and Sophie,” but if there was someone who really reminded us of Cochran, it’s Hannah. They both are into writing, they both spent time in the northeast (Cochran went to Harvard), and they both have very similar abilities as a storyteller in front of the camera. They’ve also each got the same neurotic laughter and knack for making fun of themselves. It really is fitting that Hannah says Cochran is the player she’s most like.

Early assessment – Unfortunately, Cochran didn’t win the first time, and the same probably goes for Hannah here. There are a lot of people on the Millennial tribe who feel like the cool kids, and we’re not sure how she fits into that unless she finds a way to forge an alliance and guides along some players who aren’t as familiar with the show. There’s a good chance she’s gone early, and even if she’s not, the run of successful superfan contestants like a Spencer Bledsoe or Cochran in “Caramoan” probably has her in danger as a threat down the road. She’s the sort of person who easily talks circles around other people in the end.

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