‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ spotlight: Meet Michelle Schubert, former rebel and possible contender

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One of the things that has been commented on across the internet when it comes to “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” is how there seems to be a fairly wide array of contestants with strong Christian leanings. We understand that you don’t want a whole lot of any one thing on a season, but one of the reasons we think it could work here is because faith only seems to be a part of the equation for many of these people. Michelle Schubert’s someone with an interesting story as a preacher’s daughter with somewhat of a rebellious past who has come back to the faith and now works as a missionary recruiter.

After watching her video and reading her bio online, we do also think that she has some skills to be a darkhorse contender at this game. The real question is if she can implement them with the people around her.

Tribe – Vanua (Millennial Tribe)

Bio – He’s a 28-year old missionary recruiter from Yakima, Washington. We feel like we already described much of her story above, but one thing she does say that is rather interesting is that she’s going to hide having a boyfriend out there so that she can flirt if need be. There is a misconception that people of faith will be afraid to play the game, so we’re glad to see she’s already thinking strategically.

Positive attributes – She’s a little older than some of the other Millennials, and seems to have enough life experience to know who she is and what she wants. For the sake of playing this game, that will likely prove itself to be an asset. She’s also a former cross-country runner, which makes us think she’ll be very good in many of the challenges where having stamina is essential. In a tribe full of likely impulsive people, she could be a grounding force, and it’s funny we say that since one of her hobbies is “studying dragons.”

Potential negatives – Her bio comes across as pretty fun, but there’s something about her video that could be read as very low-key. Her energy level feels very different than most of the other Millennials, and we wonder if they’ll be on the same wavelength. Also, how much patience is she going to have for people out there who are wasting time and causing problems for her tribe? She strikes us as a bit of a go-getter, and someone who probably doesn’t appreciate laziness.

“Survivor” comparisons – She says Boston Rob, and we get the whole “shoot for the stars” concept. Yet, we don’t get enough strategic thinking out of her yet to make that assumption; she actually reminds us a little bit more of Amanda Kimmel in that she has some strategic prowess, isn’t afraid to flirt if need be, and she should be a solid competitor in challenges.

Early assessment – Could there be two straight “Survivor” winners (at least in terms of when the seasons aired) named Michelle? We’re not sure about that, since there is a certain read on her personality that has us extremely worried about her fit with the rest of her tribe. She could be a target early, but if she can make it to the swap, we feel like she could mesh well with some Gen X people and find a path to stick around for a while.

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