‘MasterChef’ exclusive: Nathan Barnhouse on passing out, proud moments, and in-game strategy

Nathan -

Nathan Barnhouse’s journey on “MasterChef” this season was certainly an eventful one. There were highs, lows, and everything in between, but he managed to surpass many contestants with more experience on his way to finishing in seventh place.

Below, we chatted with Nathan via email about his experiences this season, the scary incident from this past episode during the tag-team challenge (it turns out that a lack of eating food on his part may have played a factor), and also a little bit of what he is up to now.

CarterMatt – First of all, was it weird watching yourself faint on TV?

Nathan – First of all, I passed out, I did not faint!!!! It was slightly weird watching that, but I’ve passed out a few times in my life, so I’m kind of used to it.

How much do you remember of that tag team challenge, and what was it about that day that made it even more difficult than anything else?

I don’t remember ANYTHING about that tag team challenge! I remember I was paired with Shaun and I remember that I hadn’t eaten since 4 am, but after it was over and I could look back, I was like, ‘Wow, I didn’t even realize we made lobster!’

Do you think it was a good move by Brandi to pair you with Shaun?

No, not at all. She was trying to throw Shaun off in the competition but he knew how to handle me and had worked with me well before. It would’ve been a more strategic move on her part to pair Shaun with David because they didn’t get along as well. The only person Brandi hurt by doing that was me and herself!

As one of youngest contestants this season, was there a specific strategy that you had to employ to make it so far?

My strategy was to learn as much as possible any chance I got.

What do you think was your proudest moment of the season?

There were two: The first was on the third episode when I was able to replicate Gordon Ramsay’s halibut fish dish. The second was actually when I was eliminated. When Gordon told me that I had come so far and developed into a great chef, it was validation that this was all worth it!

You’ve obviously got so much of your future ahead of you — what’re you planning to do with food next?

I’m currently attending Bob Jones University with a major in Theater. As soon as I get done with this first four years in undergrad, I’m going to go back to BJU for two more years and get a Culinary Degree. Ultimately, I want to open a Christian dinner theater that has theater programs to help bullied and underprivileged children.

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