TV Quick Hits: ‘Shadowhunters,’ ‘Lucifer,’ and ‘Stranger Things’ season 2 scoop

For this particular edition of TV Quick Hits, it certainly appears that second seasons of popular shows appears to be the name of the game. With that, we don’t want to waste too much time before diving in.

Will “Stranger Things” have more big names? – There’s no question that the first season of the series on Netflix was enormously popular, and due to everything from the quality to the nostalgic tinge of the story, there is a reason for mass interest from various people in Hollywood.

Now that we’ve said that, that doesn’t mean that the show is going to cast every big name under the sun. As executive producer Shawn Levy told The Hollywood Reporter, exercising caution could be a priority throughout the season 2 process:

“Without naming them — look, obviously certain people like Aaron Paul and Stephen King and Guillermo Del Toro have been very public champions of our show and supporters. But the list of famous creative people — whether actors or filmmakers — who have found their way to the Duffers and I as fans of the show … and you’re right, certain actors that you have definitely heard of have raised their hand with real interest to be a part of it. But I don’t know that just because those are available that opportunity makes them the right ideas. When everything is available and possible, there’s a temptation to exploit it. But the show’s appeal is based so much on the unknown quotient in our actors, in our premise, in our plot. So we do hope to keep that same discovery, and that would suddenly go away if we decided to cast all the famous people who said they’d like to be a part of it.”

Want some other news on the day? Then read on…

“Shadowhunters” scoop – As the post below from the show’s official Twitter account HERE reveals, Alisha Wainwright (“General Hospital,” “Perception”) has been cast in the all-important role of Maia for the upcoming second season. If you’ve read the books, you know what that means! (Otherwise, do you really want it spoiled?)

“Lucifer” scoop – According to a new report from TVLine, Chris Payne Gilbert (“10 Items or Less”) is going to be appearing on at least one upcoming season 2 episode in the role of Chloe’s father. This particular part should allow for some further insight into precisely how the character ended up becoming a detective … and in turn meeting the title character.

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