‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 7, episode 10 (summer finale) review: Spencer Hastings’ fate and family

Summer Finale -With this officially now being the final season of “Pretty Little Liars,” it felt like this was a summer finale where a lot HAD to happen. Suffice it to say, there was quite a bit that ultimately did.

Take, for example, the latest developments for Aria and Ezra. After all, we learned that Nicole was still alive, and of course this could lead to some major complications for the two of them. As for Emily and Paige, meanwhile, they had a roadblock of their own as Emily decided to be there for  Ali rather than spend time with her new love interest … who revealed that she was pregnant with Archer’s child. As if her life could get any more painful…

Aside from relationships (which included Caleb and Hanna hooking up), of course the main focus was a search for answers on the whole A.D. – Charlotte mystery. Noel Kahn was in fact involved, and the same goes for Jenna. After all this time, we suppose some of those people who felt they were involved are feeling a tad more validated. Noel was killed in probably the most horrific way fashion, but before the Liars could escape, Jenna (gun in hand) found them, but someone else put a bullet in Spencer. That person seems to be none other than A.D., who is very much still out there.

Credit has to go to Mary Drake for saving Spencer (or at least we hope). After all, she has a good reason to help out: She’s her mother! That’s a game-changer, and we hope she makes it out of this one okay.

We have to say that the odd request of the night has to go to Spencer for asking Toby if she could kiss him, even though the two have other potential loves in their lives and this would be all sorts of awkward if we weren’t ‘shipping them.

In the end, we certainly consider this to be everything we wanted out of a summer finale. It was crazy, fun, dramatic, and it pushed things forward on the way to a crazy second half. Grade: B+.

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