‘Supernatural’ season 12 premiere: What should happen

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Later this fall the twelfth season of “Supernatural” is finally going to be premiering on The CW, and that’s a tremendous opportunity to see what Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer have up their sleeve in the new position of showrunners. The two parties know the show extremely well, and in theory, they should be able to deliver on what they perceive fans to want.

We don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves here, though; for the sake of this article, we just want to focus on What Should Happen over the course of the first episode.

Where we left off – At the end of season 11, Sam was in a bad spot after being shot by Lady Toni, who seems intent on bringing him over to her chapter of the Men of Letters. Meanwhile, as a final gift from Amara, whose story appeared to be largely tied up, Dean has a chance to finally spend some time with his mother Mary and have some closure to his past.

What should happen – While “Supernatural” seasons do tend to veer off-course from time to time over the course of the year, premieres do adhere reasonably close to the cliffhanger before. Therefore, we imagine that this first episode will feature Dean, while enjoying some “bonding time” (we’re not sure you can call it that), learning a little bit more about his brother. Meanwhile, in turn Sam may have a shot to realize a couple of things about Dean’s current state. While we’re not sure it’s conducive to pair the two back up right away within an episode (they’re on different sides of the road right now), we do think the objective should be to start to bring them closer together while also making it clear if Toni or Mary will be a central component to the larger mythology of the season.

Also, make sure Castiel and Crowley have some sort of a role in the premiere, even if it is a small one. They won’t be in all of the middle episodes most likely, but we do want them to be off to a good start.

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