‘Ballers’ season 2, episode 7 review: Joe learns Spencer Strasmore’s secret

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For most of “Ballers” season 2, we’ve waited for the moment where everything would come crashing down for Spencer Strasmore. On Sunday night’s new episode, we saw this happen. Not only that, but we saw how it came about.

The episode started with some major distrust between Joe and Spencer, something that began last week when Andre Allen made it clear that Joe’s partner had some dirt on him. Through some sleuthing, coupled with Spencer’s own admission later, he finally came clear on precisely what he lost: $6 million. He ruined the end of his career on a go-big-or-go-home business venture, and roped in some other former players in the process. Of course, Andre was ready to bury him, and while Joe wasn’t even sniffing around him for that, it was better that he went ahead and admitted it since it would’ve come up eventually. (All Joe had learned about was his history pill-popping.)

To make matters worse, Anderson told Spencer that the NFLPA, who knows some of his history for sure, didn’t want to give him the access needed. Spencer no longer had any value, and he was quickly fired. Joe, who would’ve probably stood by him a couple of weeks ago, stuck around and had a drink. That was oddly emotional, given we’ve come to know these characters so well over the course of the series.

As for what else transpired tonight, Ricky gave his father a huge gift, and we’re suddenly concerned that he’s going to kill himself driving it.¬†Charles also landed Ricky a deal in Miami after restructuring Alonzo’s deal, only for Ricky to get a call about the Rams. If he takes this, we’ll have a betrayal in a different form.

While we’re not going to say that this was the funniest episode of the show, in terms of story it was precisely what we wanted and needed.¬†Grade: A-.

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