‘The Night Of’ season 2: Should it be renewed by HBO?

The Night Of -

Tonight, one of the best shows of the entire summer in “The Night Of” will be coming to a close over at HBO, and the series to date has left us with many questions, whether it be who killed Andrea Cornish and why our justice system has to be this way, where a man awaiting a verdict has to sit in Rikers Island with the sort of people who could turn him into a killer if he wasn’t one already.

On more of a macro level, there is another question that remains: Should HBO renew the series? The promo for tonight’s finale teased that it was the series finale as opposed to the end of the season,but that really doesn’t mean anything since the network always has an opportunity to order more episodes later.

What we would assume, at least for now, is that this is the end of Nasir Khan’s journey. This story has been about his trial and the political ramifications of it; once his trial is over, there’s less story to tell. We could in theory imagine that someone like John Stone could return, given that he has been set up as the perfect sort of underdog investigator for this world who we would enjoy seeing more of. More than likely, though, a season would be new characters and a new story.

If there is a reason for both us and also HBO to have a little hesitation, though, it is likely the “True Detective” of it all. Think back to when the first season of that show ended, and the vast majority of people all enjoyed it. The pressure was probably too high for season 2 to match that show’s greatness, and as a result of that we saw a story that felt a little too rushed and nonsensical. We’d rather have one really great season of something than an uneven follow-up.

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