TV Friendships: On ‘Blue Bloods’ season 7 and the future for Jamie, Eddie

Blue Bloods season 7“Blue Bloods” is the sort of show that, in general, doesn’t have a lot of time to focus on various friendships — that is what happens when the vast majority of the series is concentrated on particular cases and police drama. It’s also not a show with many lighter, happier moments.

Could there be some more room in there for a few in season 7? We’d hope so, but above all else we just want to see more of the relationship continue to evolve between Jamie and Eddie. We’ve already made our own personal thoughts clear about wanting them in a romantic relationship, but in the event that they don’t end up getting together in that sense, there is still probably plenty to talk about here from a romantic angle.

With that said, let’s go ahead and dive in!

Where we left off – Admittedly, the end of season 6 was one that had a wide array of other things to focus on, mostly notably a major public uproar that led to Mayor Poole considering if he would resign from the force. In general Jamie and Eddie went through some trust issues at the end of this past season when it comes to their professional relationship, but by the end of it, we got a sense that they would be all right in the end.

Where they could go from here – We know that there is a difference between work life and home life, and that this is a show that has worked hard over time to make those lines fairly clear-cut. Still, we’d be fine if Eddie was a little more integrated into the Reagan family, or if she went to Jamie with more about her personal struggles and things going on in her daily life. For those of you who do root for the two to be together romantically, remember that many great relationships do start as friendships. Some of their conversations could be done while on the job, so it’s not even like you would have to change the show much.

(Photo: CBS.)

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