‘Mr. Robot’ season 2, episode 9 preview: Is Elliot on the outside?

For those of you who did find yourself missing a certain Elliot Alderson on Wednesday night’s “Mr. Robot,” we come bearing news: He will be back on next week’s new episode. As for what specific form he takes, that is one of the questions up for debate at present.

In the preview that aired following Wednesday night’s episode, what we ultimately saw was Elliot working at least a little bit more clarity from Darlene, and in turn you could say the rest of the world. At this point, we don’t know precisely what his mental state is given that he has spent in secret the entire first half of the season presumably locked up in prison. Maybe he still is, and the sights of him on the outside are yet another optical illusion. This is the issue that we’re facing in the wake of his latest spell of unreliability: It is becoming increasingly difficult to know what to treat as fact, and what is being skewed.

While we know that Elliot and Darlene are going to spent more time together potentially in this episode than they have as of late, we also know that for Angela, part of her story is going to revolve around her wanting further information from E Corp than what they are willing to provide. At present, we are waiting for a catalyst that could cause Angela to make another move against the company. Could this be the opportunity she so seeks?

Given that we are starting to near the end of season 2, decisions are going to be made, and further characters will be in danger. What we are left with now is to question circumstance.

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