‘MasterChef’ season 7, episode 13 review: One surprise right after the other

MasterChef -

A couple of weeks ago, we said that the men for the most part were dominating the “MasterChef” competition this season. However, through the two episodes that aired on Wednesday night, we saw what was a pretty clear example of the women fighting back and eliminating some big threats.

There was a time when we saw a final two of Eric and Terry a clear possibility, given that both guys had strong resumes and had rarely experienced jeopardy. That changed over these two hours. Following Terry’s elimination, we went into an hour that was largely about potatoes, and the spuds ended up doing Eric in. We certainly feel for him going out this way, given that the humble potato is something that his fellow guys at the firehouse are probably intimately familiar with.

From a character standpoint, losing Eric at this point is extremely upsetting. He was, after all, fairly entertaining in confessionals and a perfect guy to root for this season. However, at the same time from a drama perspective what his exit does yet again is create further uncertainty about the potential winner, and we do think that is something this competition needs. There were years where it was easy to chart out the entire course from start to finish. That’s not this season.

So who could be the favorite now? All we know is that Brandi had a very strong two episodes, and the Vegas rivalry of Shaun and David is getting stronger may the minute. Tanorria, meanwhile, was close to elimination in two straight weeks, and this is the time to turn it around.

While we’re not going to pretend that watching people make things we do all the time is the most exciting television in the world, we did appreciate the competition and the shock value of the ending. Episode Grade: B-.

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