‘The Blacklist’ season 4 video: Was Alexander Kirk lying?

The Blacklist logo any seasonAdmittedly, we’ve wondered the question in the title ever since the end of “The Blacklist” season finale, mostly because the idea of Alexander Kirk coming out of nowhere to be Liz Keen’s father just felt a little too simple. This has been a central question since the start of the series, and while we don’t quite think that the writers need to hold on to the answer as closely as they do, but that’s their decision to make. We just don’t think the identity of Liz’s father really changes one way or another what he enjoy about the show: The dynamic between Liz and Red, and the colorful group of criminals that they take on.

The latest promo below (via the show’s official Facebook page) does put out the question of Kirk’s honesty / lack thereof in a way that has not been spelled out just yet. Specifically, Red claims that Kirk is lying in a conversation with Lizzie, which is further proof that the two are not going to be apart for long despite her capture at the end of last season.

In general, we’re curious to see precisely how this show is going to handle the question being more out in the open. After all, you can argue at this point that Pandora’s Box has been opened. As a result of that, is there any way to get that genie back in the bottle, or do you have to at this point go ahead and reveal the secret? Luckily, we’ll find out before long…

Let’s just hope now that as we approach the premiere next month, NBC becomes more and more willing to share further intel.

(Photo: NBC.)

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