‘Gotham’ season 3 premiere: What should happen

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Make no mistake: We loved season 2 of “Gotham.” Through and through, it may have been one of our favorite comic-book shows of the past year. It embodied much more of the Batman legacy, while still keeping some of its crime-procedural roots as established at times through season 1. We also love that at the end of it, they didn’t rush themselves to resolve anything such as the saga of Hugo Strange or the return of Fish Mooney. They kept things fairly open, and established more possibilities for themselves moving into season 3.

So where could the story go from here? For more on that, just take a look at the latest chapter in our What Should Happen series.

Where we left off – Jim Gordon (pictured) determined that he was going to head off to find Lee Thompkins, but he did so at a time that was not necessarily advantageous for those around him given that the city is struggling with an influx of escaped patients of Hugo Strange, including one who looks eerily similar to one Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile, Fish is still out there on the run, Harvey Bullock has more responsibility than ever, and we’re getting closer to meeting the Court of Owls, the mysterious group secretly running Gotham behind the scenes.

What should happen – There are certain things that the series can certainly afford to be a little bit patient about, with the Court of Owls being one of them and the introduction of the Mad Hatter being another. What we should take on in the short-term is resolving the madness with the escapees, and learning more about what Fish’s plan truly is given that she has to be dealt with sooner rather than later. The same goes for Bruce’s sudden doppelganger.

As for Jim and Lee, arguably we want to have her back in the show in some way, but we’re not sure anything has really changed for them to get back together given that he is still in this morally gray area. He has to look that in the face and realize that he is not a sort of person right now who inspires safety.

Also, if you’re going to introduce a new Poison Ivy, you might as well get that done given that the escapees are probably only to be out there for so long.

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