‘The Night Of’ episode 7 video: Box on the stand

Box -The Night Of” so far has been a slow descent. In the series premiere Nasir Khan came across as an ordinary, mild-mannered young man who just wanted to attend a party. One decision with his father’s cab changed the entire world. We’ve seen him slowly become immersed within the darkness of the criminal justice system, and learned in the process that there may have been a certain degree of darkness there. Regardless of circumstance, the incident with the stairs certainly is alarming.

Luckily, there is still a light remaining at the end of the tunnel, but whether or not he makes it there is heavily dependent on the testimony of people in the final episodes. The preview below relies heavily on Box, who makes one thing clear more so than anything else: He relies on evidence. He utters this on several occasions like it is a mantra, and it is one he does seem to firmly believe. If he follows the facts, he cannot go wrong.

Yet, we do wonder if to a certain extent he is telling himself this to feel better about the questions he still has. As he determined whether or not to charge Naz, you could sense that there was doubt in terms of if he was doing the right thing, and if this kid could have really done it. We do wonder if that has changed after learning more about the case, but even if he still carries doubt, there is no way he will admit that.

In the end, we do consider much of Sunday’s episode the story of Chandra and John Stone, two people who are desperate to do what they can to clear his name. There are no guarantees that it will happen, but with evidence mounting that there are people who may have wanted Andrea dead, it is certainly possible there is more to the story.

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