‘Doctor Who’ season 10 photo: To lands unknown!

Doctor Who -There are many reasons to enjoy and appreciate “Doctor Who” as a series. One of the biggest ones is merely for the sake of enjoying the sheer vastness of space, and the unlimited possibilitiesthat go along with it. You can be anywhere, and with the Tardis, any time. It’s an unlimited world, and from a production standpoint we certainly imagine how this could be incredibly daunting and, in some odd way, scary. There’s such a thing as having too many options, and we could see that being a challenge to those working as a part of this show.

Now that we’ve said that, let’s present another fascinating look at Peter Capaldi on set! The photo below comes via the show’s official Twitter, and it features the actor standing in what is a vast field that feels almost straight out of Kansas … though it’s not. That’s part of the beauty of this show.

As for what in the world is going on here, it’s obviously a new mission that takes The Doctor out to the wilderness … but that’s mostly all we can say. It’s not like him to go on vacation to a field of wheat! We’ll get a chance likely to find out in 2017, given that is when the series will air. A Christmas Special will kick things off, and hopefully at some point before that, we will have a prime opportunity to learn more of what lies ahead…

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