‘Masters of Sex’ season 4 spoilers: ‘Ghost Whisperer’ alum cast in major role

With production underway on the fourth season of “Masters of Sex” on Showtime, it’s certainly nice to have some casting news coming in here and there. Then again, the funny thing about is is that with filming in its present state, there is quite a bit in flux.

Here is what we can tell you right now. According to Variety, Cameron Manheim (“Ghost Whisperer,” “The Practice”) will be turning up during at least one episode as Jade, a “new-age guru” who works to run a seminal for singles. What’s the goal? Partnering people up. We’re not entirely sure how this applies to Johnson and Masters and some of their work, but the thing to remember here is that this is a show about relationships. It’s feasible that the writers could factor her in to many a situation.

While as of right now this is a one-episode gig, there is a chance for her to do more down the road. Much of this could depend, as referenced earlier, on the ebb and flow of things.

Story-wise, “Masters of Sex” is jumping forward further to the late sixties at the start of its new season, which in turn could offer some opportunities for Bill and Virginia to start to repair some of the fractures in their relationships … which could be difficult given everything that they’ve worked through. Luckily, this is an adaptation and we are very much aware that history is on their side. It’s a matter of how and when more so than a question of if.

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