‘The Blacklist’ season 4 trailer you demand

The Blacklist logo any seasonWaiting is hard. It’s even harder when what you’re waiting for is “The Blacklist,” and they ended the third season by dropping a huge bomb about Elizabeth Keen’s parentage.

Do you believe Alexander Kirk? We gotta admit that we’re skeptical, but given how many times the show has tricked us at this point, we may need to go ahead and see Liz’s long-form birth certificate before we feel like the answers we want are conclusive. Even then, maybe we’d accuse someone of forging one. Curse this show for making us so freakin’ paranoid!

Thanks to the folks at Entertainment Weekly, we’ve got a first look at what is actually coming up this season, but unfortunately no answers are really handed down on the Maury Povich – “are you the father?” mystery. Instead, we’ve got Reddington shooting people through glass and talking about a severed head. Awesome. That’s the best thing about the cliffhanger in our eyes: It’s handing James Spader a full license to be the bad boy that he is so great at portraying.

For those of you who have started to forget season 3 (understandable, given that it felt like two or three different seasons wedged into one), the trailer starts off with somewhat of a recap of where we came from, including Blonde Liz to the fake death to the Jon Snow-esque resurrection minus Melisandre and her creepy necklace. All in all, it looks like season 4’s going to have everything you want. The biggest cause of optimism is the claim that there will be answers coming on Liz’s past, which would be nice to have since we get the sense there’s this false belief that there needs to be a mystery still out there for us to be intrigued by the story. Just be confident in the actors that you have and they’ll be just fine.

(Photo: NBC.)

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