MTV’s ‘Scream’ season 2 finale reaction: Was Kieran or Eli the killer?

Scream -Through much of its season 2 finale on Tuesday night, “Scream” kept you guessing with a series of further twists and turns. We went into it thinking that Eli or Kieran were the top killer suspects, but given what we’ve come to know about this show, we weren’t that confident in either choice.

Heck, at about the halfway point we stopped thinking so much about that because we were mostly just concerned for Brooke’s safety at that point. Given that we’ve already seen so many people die on this show, is it too much to hope that someone can figure out a way to make it through this in one piece?

Well, things got complicated when Emma was forced to make a choice: Kieran or Eli, and she didn’t know who to believe. (We’ll save our patting ourselves on the back for later.) She shot Eli! However, was he telling the truth and she just made a huge mistake? Unfortunately yes, and Kieran had the perfect opportunity to finish the job minutes later. All of this time, the show pulled a little bit of classic misdirect on us, making us think that Eli was the killer only to turn things around and reveal it to be Kieran instead. He’s the dark, twisted soul Emma and Audrey have been hunting.

In the case of the ultimate heroes vs. villain showdown, it would’ve been easy for Emma to kill him. Therefore, we’re glad that she didn’t. Instead, she gave him a message to rot in prison. Simple enough, right?

Also, good news: Brooke is alive! Are there some loose ends out there following the finale? Sure (especially with that phone call), but we think for the most part the producers tied up the important stuff, so hopefully that’s enough for those of who were worried about being left in the dark in the event the show doesn’t come back.

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