‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 18: Check out a new promo!

Law & Order: SVU logoThe new season of “Law & Order: SVU” is coming up on NBC later this fall, and in preparation for it NBC has opted to give you a rather lovely gift: A new promo!

Granted, we’re not going to say that this is the most eventful promo released to date, given that the main focus of it is some assorted shots of Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Noah. It also reminds you of the series’ extreme longevity, which is of course incredibly impressive, and then also its September 21 premiere date.

Like many other promos that we’ve seen handed out from NBC over the course of the past few weeks, there is really one goal with this one more so than anything else: To remind casual viewers during the Olympics about the network’s lineup. This is not so much meant for people who are diehard viewers; the network probably knows that they have you. This is more to convince people who stopped watching years ago to give it another look, or viewers who watch TV so rarely that they may not have realized that it was on this fall.

In the end, we’re just happy there’s a promotional campaign one way or another, though of course we do hope that NBC does release something a little bit more substantial down the road. After all, the only thing we really know about the new season for sure right now is that it features a new showrunner in Rick Eid, and that it will by and large continue to be the same show that you’ve loved for so many years.

(Photo: NBC.)

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