‘Ink Master’ season 8, episode 14 preview: Teamwork and a target on Nate

Ink MasterThere’s only a couple of episodes left before the live finale of “Ink Master” season 8 and we’re starting to really get the sense that tensions are high — and for good reason. There are only five people remaining, and based on the preview for the next new episode of the show, we’re only going to see the drama escalate to yet another level.

What’s the primary problem? Much of it seems to stem from the producers being exceptionally cruel, and determining that it would be a smart idea to have some of the remaining artists compete in teams once again. As we’ve been saying for the past few weeks, we were really hoping that the team twist would be dropped as it neared the finale and let it be every artist for themselves since the teams were never really working together as a team anyways. The artists being forced back into their respective teams leads to Ryan and Kelly trying to dogpile criticism onto Nate, who they don’t think deserves to be there. Clearly his comments about not putting forward his best all season and coasting to the finale has really gotten under their skin.

We certainly understand the logic of going after Nate, given that he hasn’t done a whole lot to help himself in this competition. His strategy is frustrating given the sentiment that he hasn’t always given his all; yet, he is coming off of winning best tattoo of the day, and we’ve certainly see some crazier things happen on this show beyond someone like him winning. Given that everyone left is extremely talented, it feels wrong to write anyone off. Just because some may not like Nate’s strategy, it’s still a strategy that has gotten him to the finale five.

In terms of a larger storyline, the biggest thing to be curious about is whether or not the women’s alliance can take things all the way to the end, and become the first three women to ever do so. If they manage to make it there together, they’ll have certainly earned it and it’ll be interesting to see them face off instead of working together. Even if they don’t all make it there together, at least one member of the alliance is now guaranteed a spot.

Based on the arguments that were in the preview, it looks like when it comes to drama, there’s certainly a dumpster fire on the horizon.

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