TV Friendships: ‘Rizzoli & Isles’ and the scope of things for Jane, Maura

Rizzoli -We’re now past the halfway point in the month of August, and with that the halfway point in our month-long TV Friendships series. With that in mind, why now focus on what may be one of the great friendships of all time on the medium? If the title or the picture didn’t give it away, we’re of course talking about Jane and Maura on TNT’s “Rizzoli & Isles,” a show that only has a few episodes left in the series.

Usually with these articles, we frame them through the lens of where a friendship has gone to date, and also where it could go moving forward. However, it’s a little bit different for this show given that we’re talking about a relationship that has been so well-documented, and only has so much more story to tell. The possibilities are not endless anymore given the time constraints.

With that, let’s pose a slightly different question here: What’s the best way for the show to end when it comes to preserving their friendship?

Keeping things as-is – We do think that there is a certain charm to keeping the two affiliated with the Boston PD and solving cases; after all, do we really need to be there in order to imagine that it is happening? However, we see this as an unlikely solution to this show given that we perceive it more as being about a certain period in these characters’ lives where they were friends who just so happened to work together.

A different sort of bond – If Jane heads down to Quantico, obviously things will change between her and Maura in that they won’t see each other as often. However, that doesn’t mean that friendship fades. The two going their separate ways, while still remaining friends, may be the best message to send. They’re not compromising their futures for the sake of everything, but at the same time they’re showing that their bond is bigger than the job. Also, this does leave the door open for them to work together in the event that an option comes up down the road.

Bonding through hardship – Let’s face it: If this show ends with a member of the cast getting killed off, it wouldn’t be the first time we saw something like that. Such an event could make Jane and Maura realize the importance of their friendship and being there for each other, but we don’t think that the series really needs that for the ending given that we’ve seen that many times before.

What do you think that “Rizzoli & Isles” needs to do in order to give Jane and Maura the best ending possible? Share below, and head over here to read our most-recent episode review! Also, sign up over here to secure some other TV news on all we cover, sent right to you via our official CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: TNT.)

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