‘Mistresses’ season 4, episode 12 review: Did Joss and Harry get married?

Only one episode left until the season 4 finale of “Mistresses”, but before we get there we still have tonight’s episode ahead of us and there’s one huge question mark from last week’s episode: What’s going to happen with Marc and April’s break up now that she’s pregnant? Marc wants to go off and be a rock star, so we wonder if April will even tell him as her twisted way of showing him support? Also, we really want to see a Joss and Harry wedding happen this season and now that these two have hit rock bottom and have started to rebuild their foundation on truths and love, we feel like this wedding could finally happen.

April: So what is April going to do now that she knows she’s pregnant with Marc’s baby? She hasn’t told anyone about the baby except for Karen and Joss  and later, Joss tells Harry about the pregnancy – is this going to be the way Marc finds out? Marc and Sofia are playing a show and April agrees to take Lucy giving her a chance to book a coffee with Marc. At their coffee date, Marc announces that he will be gone on a month long tour now that he has a small label that has signed him. As a surprise to no one, she decides not to tell him about the baby.

Joss: After hitting rock bottom, Joss has decided to start seeing a therapist and she’s determined to earn Harry’s trust back. As for Harry, he’s not sure what to do with his torched career. Joss comes up with the idea to buy back the original site of the bistro Harry wanted saying that she will get more clients to help with the money. He says no, because he feels like it will be like when he got money from Savannah and opened his other restaurant. Joss reveals that she is no longer passionate about her job so she sells her whole company suggesting that they go into the bistro 50/50 and Harry agrees. Also we got out Joss and Harry wedding. When they meet the seller of the bistro, he reveals that he’s a judge and they decide to get married right there on the beach, with none of their friends or family there. It’s impulsive and romantic – very much Joss and Harry.

Kate: Were you thinking that Kate was gone for good? Well, she’s not, she’s back, but she’s not going to be living with Harry and Joss anymore. While at work, there’s a dark haired woman watching Kate… and it’s Scott’s wife. She confronts Kate, saying that he told her that he’s in love with someone else and then she found pictures of Kate on his phone. Kate thinks the woman he’s in love with is her, but we all know it’s Joss. We have to say that seeing Kate happy and dancing around after watching a broken hearted wife lose her marriage was really disturbing and has made it very tough to root for her. April tells Kate the truth about Scott being in love with Joss, not her.

Karen: Lydia has been trying to communicate with Karen to apologize, but Karen is ignoring the messages. Lydia ends up showing up at Karen’s office and she is told that if she keeps trying to contact her that Karen will take more serious steps. Lydia tries to explain that she needs forgiveness to be able to move forward, but Karen sends her away. When Lydia leaves one last message saying that she will never hear from her again, Karen feels like she needs to talk to her. Karen arrives at Lydia’s house and she has taken a bunch of pills and threatens to jump off the balcony if she calls for help. We won’t know if she jumps until the finale, but we did see Karen running to grab her and break one of her heels.

We are thrilled to see Joss and Harry back on track again, but it’s a little weird that Joss seems to have made a full turn around and thinking clearly before she’s gotten any help. There’s not much that is going to save this season of “Mistresses” for us after so many depressing, sad sack stories this time around, but a Joss and Harry wedding gave us the one thing we have been eagerly waiting for. It may not have been the wedding that we wanted to see, but we were happy that it’s finally happened. Episode grade: B-

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