‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 2: A new teaser and more

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Excited for the return of “Fear the Walking Dead“? We’re right there with you, and the great news is that the wait is almost over! The second half of the season 2 is starting on August 21. The only reason that we’re not getting new episodes before now is because AMC doesn’t want to run into the buzz-saw that is the Olympic Games. We are sure you have noticed that there has been basically zero new programming (outside of shows like “Big Brother”) while the Olympics have been airing.

Luckily, we like to think that the new teaser below (via TV Guide) is a nice way to remind you of what’s coming up. After all, this is an extremely-creepy look at all of the chaos you can expect over the course of the season. It looks like there will be some romance, Chris will monitor the lawlessness of this world, and Nick will find some new people in the wake of his departure from the group.

At some point along the line, we gotta believe that these characters will reunite. The show functions best when there is a group since it creates more drama; for the time being, our excitement comes in figuring out what these people all learn along the way.

Before we go, there is one more thing we’d like to point out that has us excited. According to a new report from Deadline, Jami O’Brien of “Hell on Wheels” fame has joined the series as a co-executive producer and will be a part of the writing staff. This is a part of her new two-year overall deal with AMC. Given that O’Brien was one of the many great people who made the railroad drama so captivating to watch, it’s a nice get for “Fear the Walking Dead” moving forward.

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