‘Ink Master’ season 8, episode 11 review: Did Sketchy Lawyer quit the competition?

There are not that many episode left until we crown the winner of “Ink Master” season 8 and we have a really great group of artists left this season. We could see any of these artists going to the end and winning the game and that makes us really excited, because normally there’s a clear cut winner from episode one. Who’s going home tonight? Let’s see what the judges have in store for them.

Flash challenge: Tonight for the flash challenge they are testing technical application and to show this particular skill they must tattoo the palm of the hand – one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Chris and Oliver have decided not give any advice to anyone and see what they’ve got, but the ladies are helping each other as usual and with Kelly having done a palm tattoo before she is able to help them. There were some cool ideas and the top three were Kelly, Nikki and Ryan – the women are killing this competition. The win went to Nikki and we could see that it’s really rubbing Sketchy Lawyer the wrong way.

Elimination tattoo: Nikki had the worst canvas last week, so she is going straight for Sketchy Lawyer and BoneFace with this skull pick and it’s going to get messy. Before Dave can announce the guest judge, Sketchy Lawyer decides to quit the competition – the stress has finally gotten to him. Chris and Dave head to the loft to try to talk him out of leaving, but he wants to leave before he cracks completely. This is a really hard competition and we have seen more people quit this show then pretty much any other reality show.

Robert Atkinson is the guest judge this week and he is really well known for doing large scale pieces and he’s looking for good tattoos with clarity and design. To showcase this, they will be doing cover ups – specifically they will be covering up “tramp stamps”. So with Sketchy Lawyer gone, Nikki goes after Gian, Kevin and BoneFace.

Judging: So how did the artists do? We had some beautiful tattoos from pretty much everyone and once again we are so excited about the artists that are left. Kelly’s fox tattoo is easily our favorite from the entire season so far, and we would wear that like a boss if we had a chance. The judges were completely divided on this one, but Nikki ended up with the win again! So who went to the bottom? Jury of peers put up BoneFace and the judges asked to also see Kevin and Nate. Will Sketchy Lawyer quitting save another artist from going home? Nope! We lost BoneFace as well.

It’s always rough watching people quit competition shows, because we know how hard it is to get on in the first place and at this point in the competition so many other artists have gone home that really wanted to be there. Not only that, but Sketchy Lawyer is a really good tattoo artist and we enjoyed seeing his tattoos every week – he was definitely a contender. Episode grade: B+

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