‘Ink Master’ season 8, episode 6 review: Is Gian Karle the one to beat?

Ink MasterLast time on “Ink Master” season 8 there was a lot of nonsense happening on the show. We had a flash challenge that resulted in very little art and a lot of frustrated artists burning themselves. This week though, we hope to get back to what we love this about this show – the tattoos!

Flash challenge:  We were hoping that we would be back to both teams competing again, but because team Nunez was up for elimination and team Peck got a pass, it’s time for team Peck to get thrown into the fire. The skill they are testing is contrast and the only tool they have at their disposal to create their images with is brown packing tape. Their canvas is a sheet of plexiglass and once they are done placing their tape, a light will shine through the back of the glass to show off the contrast in the images created. Team Nunez is calling the shots this week and the subject matter they chose is a face.

It was interesting to see how each of the different artists approached this, like Gian Karle, who cut the tape into thinner strips to get some nice line work in his face. Not only that, but Gian was the only artist to sketch out his design on paper and attach it to the back of his plexiglass like a tattoo stencil. He’s completely brilliant and he’s someone to watch out for this season. This was a really strong outing for the artists and after seeing all the artwork, there were a few deserving of the win. We loved the pieces produced by Mike, BoneFace, Ryan and especially Gian. The judges are torn between Ryan and Gian, but ultimately they gave the win to Gian and it was well deserved – gorgeous piece that we would hang in our living room with pride if we could get our hands on it.

Elimination tattoo: Gian is playing for keeps and with the skull pick in his hands, he’s ready to make some big moves and give the top dogs a shake. The artists will have to tattoo outer space (something close to our heart since we have a space tattoo ourselves). Gian went after Mike, Ryan and Gia and as mad as they are, it makes complete sense since not only are they dominating the competition with their art work, they are in an alliance!!! Nikki is not even competing, but she is complaining that the best artists got the hardest tattoos saying that she wants the best to be at the end, so she wants them to get the easiest stuff and sail to the end? Where’s the challenge in that? You want the best at the end, but you want them to get there because they are challenged this season – like we saw with Sausage in season 4.

Judging: We don’t know why Gia and Ryan were complaining so much, because they both took the challenge head on and produces some nice pieces, but Mike had some trouble. Gian and Ryan were the shinning stars of the night and even though he was hoping to take Ryan down, she won tattoo of the day. So who is in trouble? The jury of peers chose Gia (which surely made Nikki even more upset after the nasty comment he made towards her back at the loft), and the judges called down BoneFace and Matt as well. Since it’s contrast week, we thought BoneFace would go home, but instead Matt ended up going home.

The women were upset that Gian pushed hard against their alliance, but what did they expect? You can’t openly talk about your alliance and not expect to get targeted at some point. With it being an artist as strong and smart as Gian stirring the pot, we think he will be strong enough to take whatever the alliance throws back at them this season. There was a lot to like about this episode. Strong pieces and cool ideas. Episode grade: A

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