‘Jessica Jones’ season 2: Show exec on collaborating with ‘The Defenders’

Jessica Jones NetflixLet’s start this particular article on “Jessica Jones” season 2 with a simple reminder: New episodes are still a really long way away. It could be 2018 before new episodes of the show potentially premiere, so we don’t want to get any hopes up that you will see this particular universe anytime soon.

With that being said, there will of course be more of Krysten Ritter during the upcoming “The Defenders,” and the second season of the solo show will apparently take at least a few clues from what this series puts onto the screen. Speaking on this subject in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Melissa Rosenberg shared the following message:

“My colleagues Marco Ramirez and Doug Petrie, who are doing Defenders, they’ve shared material. We’ve sat down for many conversations about what are they doing, what’s happening with Jessica? They want my input, they want all the different showrunners’ input on the characters that they’re most familiar with. Marvel was very smart in hiring those guys, because they’re really collaborative. They enjoy collaboration, which is not always the case, and they listen, and we listen to them. We’re really trying to find a way to respond to the things that they want to do, and them to respond to the things we want to do. So far so good. It’s working out. If they weren’t who they were as people, it could be very problematic. But they’re the absolutely right people to do this.”

Rosenberg is right that this could be a very complicated collaboration, given that you are trying to prepare story and episodes while at the same time another group of people is doing the same thing. It’s a difficult balancing act, but we’ve been given absolutely zero reason to doubt what the entire Marvel – Netflix team has done to date.

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