‘Big Brother 18’ live feed spoilers: So much for Zakiyah’s shift

Zakiyah -We don’t often include four “Big Brother” updates in a single day’s worth of CarterMatt posts, but let’s be real: Today may be one of the best days of feeds we’ve had in a long time. This season has occasionally been duller than dirt, but we must give a round of applause to a few people for at least trying to make this interesting: Michelle, Natalie, and to a certain extent, Bridgette.

We wrote not too long ago that Natalie was making yet another big push in telling Zakiyah about everything that Paulie has been saying about her, a move in which we clearly thought was designed to try and utilize whoever stayed in the house to go against Paulie, Nicole, and Corey. Unfortunately, it was a miscalculation on Natalie’s part that her social game was strong enough to pull Z away from some of her other allies. She immediately went and spilled the beans on everything with Nicole, who gave her the trademark “that makes me mad” speech to go along with claims of being confused / frustrated / whatever. This is not great entertainment, but hey: She’s really good at it.

From here, Z and Paulie had a lengthy talk, and it just made him all the angrier at Natalie and caused him to say some pretty mean things towards her much in the way that he has previously. Maybe Z lost a little trust in him, but he and Nicole deflected most of Natalie’s commentary and there’s a much bigger target on her than ever. Now, it’s possible she could actually be targeted during the Double Eviction in the event Paulie wins it.

Hey, Natalie knew she was taking a risk by fighting so hard. If nothing else, we’re thrilled that we’re getting so much drama before the Double Eviction.

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