‘Mistresses’ season 4, episode 9 review: Did Marc and April break up?

On the last episode of “Mistresses” we saw April’s mother threaten Marc, telling him that she’s going to do everything she can to make sure that he and April are no longer together if it’s the last thing she does. We are hoping that he’s going to talk to April about what her mother said, but so far, no dice. Also, it seems like the show really wants to break up Joss and Harry and we just aren’t sure why they want to do that. Why drag us on this long journey just to break these two up for the 100th time? We are over it… just give us our Joss and Harry wedding already.

April: Marjorie has told April and Marc that she’s going to stay with them for six more months and that she’s going to pay their mortgage for that time… she’s clearly starting to mark her territory and shine a spotlight on the fact that Marc being in a band isn’t really contributing to the household the way she can. She is also planting ideas in April’s mind about Marc, trying to find ways to break them up. Marc decides to talk to April about Marjorie staying for so long, but April says that her mother needs to stay as part of her sobriety. She also brings up that they need the money because as much as she supports Marc and his music aspirations, it’s difficult for her to be the only person bringing in an income. After some thought, Marc tells April that he thinks that he should move out until Marjorie is better. April tells him that his running away when things get hard isn’t the way to deal with this, so either he’s in or out. Marc tells her it’s over – which isn’t much of a surprise since his character has been fairly selfish in this relationship. It was pretty sad seeing Marc drinking again though.

Karen: Her nanny, Lydia, is still pretending that she is Karen and has set up a meet up with a man she met online (Adam) at Karen’s spin class, but the condition is that the man can’t talk to her. We don’t really understand why Lydia would set up something this risky since it would affect her job if this man shows up and tries to talk to Karen and if he ends up liking Karen then how does this benefit Lydia? Adam shows up at the class and asks Karen out. After learning that her ex, Jacob, is getting married she decides to take his number, but he doesn’t mention the dating site. When Karen comes home and mentions Adam to Lydia, she immediately gets on the computer and ends things with him, but it doesn’t end things with Karen and Adam as they end up on a pretty successful date.

Kate: She tells Harry that she’s moving out, but not the reason why (her fight with Joss). Harry asks Joss to find out why and she says she will, but instead she takes more drugs. When she finally gets her nerve to talk to Kate, it goes really badly where we see Kate rip into Joss over breaking up her relationship with Scott. Kate still wants to know why Scott has blown her off, but he’s blocked her number.

Joss: Stacy has been going to Impact class and is coming back with bad bruising and maybe taking things a little too far. Joss being on the other side of this means she is seeing just how bad it looks for the first time. Can this maybe give her a bit more understanding towards Harry? We did see them share an intimate moment wish was nice since we haven’t seen that in a long while. Later things blow up for them when Kate tells Harry the truth of Scott and that Joss has been keeping it from him. Harry confronts Joss about her lies and she walks out on him.

This Joss on drugs story is really out there for us. She’s gone from using the Impact class and putting strength training first, and now out of no where she’s using drugs all the time. Joss’ story this season has felt very disjointed for us and has been falling apart rapidly for us. We may have lost Kate for good tonight as she mentioned moving back to Australia and then we saw her leave with her suitcase at the end of the episode. We would actually prefer if the show comes back for another season that they stop bringing in this revolving door of women and just focus on the three friends. Episode grade: C

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