‘UnREAL’ season 2 finale review: Jeremy’s play; the ‘Everlasting’ wedding

Finales for “UnREAL” and “Everlasting” tend to be all sorts of crazy, and with that, we of course anticipated fireworks on Monday night’s finale. Also, we ended up seeing true love! It’s something that is very rare on this show.

In the end, Darius opted to not marry Tiffany or Chantal, and he got a welcome reprieve when Ruby showed up and offered him a real way out. We did see her return in part coming, but only because some of the cast and producers teased that there would be a “winner” this season. For someone not in-the-know there, maybe it’d be a surprise. There was no proposal, but at the same time this was a happier ending for the two of them than the finale for this show ever would have provided.

Now, we come to the next order of business: The quest by Coleman and Yael to destroy the show once and for all. Rachel couldn’t derail them forever, and with that she had to rely on an extremely unlikely source for help: Jeremy. After learning the truth about Rachel and her mother, he came back around and tried to fight for her. That’s not happening. While there may be no going back for the two of them, they at least know they can fight on the same team.

Unfortunately, everyone at “Everlasting” is now facing arrest … or at least they were before Jeremy made the biggest move that we’ve seen from him in two seasons, seemingly orchestrating the deaths of Coleman and Yael via car accident so that they could never speak on what happened there. It was a move that he may have seen as redemption for what he did, and given his fragile state, we suppose it makes some sense. Yet, it is of course an over-the-top reach for a show known about them. It may be a little too jarring given the way that Jeremy has been under the radar for weeks now, even if it did fulfill the purpose of giving us something big post-finale to discuss. Episode Grade: B.

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