TV Friendships: Will ‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 8 bring Damon, Alaric closer?

Damon -

We know that by and large “The Vampire Diaries” is a show where romance is front and center, and we are sure that there will be plenty of that when season 8 returns later this year.

For the time being, though, we want to revisit one of the best friendships on the show in Damon and Alaric, given it has produced so many wonderful moments over the years including Damon talking at his grave, and the source of advice and partnership that existed there. Ian Somerhalder’s character does not exactly have a whole lot of friends, but at the same time he found one in this guy. Is there a way to bring some of that back?

Where we left off – Admittedly, during the end of season 7 friendship was not exactly front of mind for these two guys, and understandably so when you consider the position that they were in at that particular moment. For Damon, he had the whole business of the Armory, and given the cliffhanger that we had we’re also not entirely sure that he was feeling like himself at that particular point in time.

Meanwhile, for Alaric he and Caroline amicably went their separate ways after a story that featured them at least temporarily escaping the danger that he had previously found himself a part of. Do you really think that is going to last?

Where we’d like to see things go – Wouldn’t it be nice to see Bonnie and Alaric team up to get Damon back to the guy he was? These have been two of his greatest friends over the years, so it would be fun to see them team up in some way. Also, we’d love a buddy-comedy episode of sorts where these two go somewhere together, reflecting on everything that they’ve been through while trying to rescue someone like a Stefan or a Caroline who has been there to thick and thin. Anything to have them trading barbs and/or throwing down drinks is something that we’d love to see.

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