‘Stranger Things’ season 1, episode 6 review: Is Nancy trapped on the other side?

Is Nancy stuck on the other side forever now? It certainly seemed to look that way on the last episode of “Stranger Things” after we saw Jonathan run off in the wrong direction looking for her while the doorway to the other side started to close up. Let’s see how things shake out.

With the help of Jonathan’s voice, Nancy is able to find the doorway back to the real world and get out before the doorway closed. This has brought Jonathan and Nancy closer together, much to Steve’s jealousy. The next morning Nancy suggests that they can find another doorway back to the other side by setting bait for the monster now that they know he hunts at night and has a taste for blood. Their plan gets derailed when Jonathan gets arrested for punching Steve after a fight over Nancy. Are we going to see a Jonathan/Nancy romance or could Steve still be in the picture after everything that’s happened?

Hopper sits down with Joyce and shares everything he saw at the Hawkin’s laboratory. We were thinking that maybe Hopper’s daughter (Sarah) might’ve been Eleven, but his theory is that Eleven might be the daughter of a woman named Terri who unsuccessfully sued the laboratory when she thought they had taken her child. Hopper takes that as his next lead, and he and Joyce pay a visit to Terri. Although Terri is not longer able to speak due to some drug experiments she participated in, her sister informs them that her “daughter” was never born – in fact she miscarried in the 3rd trimester. Terri is convinced that her daughter was born with special abilities and was taken by the Hawkins Laboratory because of it. Hopper and Joyce think there may have been a cover up with Terri’s alleged miscarriage.

Lucas and Mike try to make up after their fight, but they can’t agree on Eleven being part of their search team for the gateway to the other side. Lucas sets out to find the gateway on his own, while Mike and Dustin set out to find Eleven. Lucas finds his compass brings him to the Hawkin’s Laboratory where he starts to observe them for more information. Dustin and Mike run into their school bullies while looking for Eleven and they force him to jump off the edge of the Quarry, but before he hits the bottom Eleven pulls him back up with her mind in front of everyone.

Eleven’s reunion with Mike and Dustin may be short lived since the Hawkins team now knows that they have Eleven and where she is. We are hoping that with Lucas spying on the Hawkin’s Laboratory he may be able to save his friends if they don’t escape in time. This was a fairly slow episode compared to some of the others where it felt like not a lot happened, but one thing we did really like is seeing was Nancy and Jonathan’s friendship progress. Episode grade: B-

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