‘Mistresses’ season 4, episode 8 preview: Joss learns about Kate, Scott

After a lengthy hiatus for various conventions and the “Bachelorette” finale, “Mistresses” returned to ABC Monday night for a big episode that introduced many surprises … with one of the biggest ones being that Kate now has an interest in Scott (Justin Hartley), Joss’ ex-fiance who she left at the last minute in order to be with Harry. The events of the season 2 finale remain memorable in our mind, possibly because that was also the final time we saw Alyssa Milano appear.

Anyhow, the show is moving back to its standard Monday timeslot in just six days with “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” so rest assured that you no longer are going to have to worry about this competing with anything else that may be on your crazy schedule.

As for what you can expect, here are a few teasers per each main character.

April – Her mother Marjorie will be staying over, she is going to offer up some less-than-kind words about Marc. We’re sure that everyone out there is completely floored that there is some more Marc drama ahead! (We’re kidding, of course — we don’t think that anyone really is.)

Joss – She is going to learn that Scott and Kate are involved romantically, but there could be something that he tells her that shockers her even more than the confession itself … whatever that may end up being.

Harry – He will be working to handle his rising fame; it’s great for many things, but we know already that it is certainly not great for everything.

Karen – In the wake of so much nanny drama, she will do her best to bond with a new one. Fingers crossed it works out…

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