‘The Night Shift’ season 3, episode 12 review: Scott defends Annie; Drew hits adoption roadblock

The Night ShiftIt has been a long wait to get new episodes of “The Night Shift” (made even longer because the last time we had new episodes we were spoiled with two episodes in one night!), but it’s finally back on the air and we can’t wait to see what happens. Topher is still on a mission to figure out a way to save the hospital even though it’s been bought, TC is in Turkey trying to clear his head with work and Jordan is confused about how she feels about Scott. We spoke to Jill Flint this week about Jordan and Scott and you can read what she had to say in our exclusive interview at the link here!

The hospital sale hasn’t gone through 100% yet, so Topher is scrambling to find another person to take over. Is everyone going to lose their jobs? Kenny tells Topher that some drugs have gone missing and that it happened on the night shift, so they try to keep it quiet until they figure out what happened. When Scott finds out about the missing drugs, he gets upset when Topher thinks it could be Annie that took them. Did she have a mis-step with everything that’s going on? Annie is feeling the distance between her and Scott since the kiss between him and Jordan, but she tells Scott that she didn’t take the drugs. Scott is taking this accusation against Annie really personally, especially now that she has denied taking the drugs. So who took the drugs? Jordan finds the drugs in TC’s coat. To add to this mess, Topher gets the bad news that the other potential buyer isn’t going to buy after all. Paul reveals that he spoke to his dad a few weeks ago about a group that he’s part of that buys hospital and is on a plane to come and check the place out!

Drew and Rick are going to be adopting Briana in a day and we have been so incredibly invested in this story all season, so we want nothing more then to see this happen! The court date for the adoption has been postponed, but after learning that it doesn’t have to do with the night in jail he’s confused as to what the hold up is. He learns that Briana’s birth father has come back and wants full legal rights. When Briana finds out that she may have to go and live with her father (a man she never met), she is heartbroken and she’s not the only one – we all are.

We also had Jennifer Beals back tonight as Syd as we saw her and TC out in the field. TC can’t help himself when he sees people beyond the gate that need help and lets everyone in… along with a bad infection that is now spreading (and they eventually contain).

And we can’t end this review without mentioning that Paul and Shannon had a big blow out tonight when the thought of the hospital closing and Shannon losing her job became way too overwhelming for her. She used their different backgrounds as the reason that they will never work out as a couple and broke things off between them, which was pretty rough to see since there is probably no other couple we want to see together more this season then Paul and Shannon.

With so many great characters on this show, we don’t always get enough of Scott Wolf, but this season we have had a beautiful and very complex story all about Scott. There are so many layers to his story with Annie, his feelings for Jordan and working hard to keep his addiction in order. There are a lot of facets to his character and his performance tonight while balancing these difficult situation deserves applause. Also – what was Jordan going to tell him at the end of this episode? Was she going to spill her feelings out to Scott? Episode grade: A-

There’s only one episode left of “The Night Shift” and we want to know how you think this season is going to end? Leave us a comment in the box below and share your thoughts with us. If you haven’t have a chance to read our exclusive interview with JR Lemon then head on over to the link here and see what he has to say about Kenny’s love life. We also have an interview with Robert Bailey Jr. at the link here where he talks about the season 3 finale! You can head to the link here if you want to get more scoop on what’s coming up on the season 3 finale of “The Night Shift” (and you can read more episode reviews too!). If you want more great TV news sent your way then be sure to sign up for our weekly CarterMatt newsletter. (Photo: NBC)

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